Be Heard.

Be Remembered.


We develop advertising strategies with the success of your business in mind.

We care about your success. 

Your business should be known. We know what it takes to succeed on this island. Chat with us and decide for yourself.

Our mission is to be a true partner to the businesses we work with as well as to the community we serve.

We believe that music should be shared and celebrated. 

The idea that a specific genre fits neatly in a box to serve a certain demographic fails to account for the unique tastes of our listeners.

Community input is always welcome and we encourage artists – specifically, Hawai’i artists – to submit music for review.  We are not spoon-feeding the same old programming. At Hawai’i Island Radio, we recognize that music evolves, just like each of us. Let’s grow together.


LAVA 105.3

The sing out loud, tap your toe, dance in your kitchen while making dinner, have fun at work, laugh with your friends – station. Spanning seven decades of music, we’ve curated every song to create the sounds that make you smile.


For ranchers and cowboys to the masses that love the wholesome and relatable sound symbolizing family, hard work, broken hearts, and lifelong friendships. From country superstars to local artists, Hawai’i is KOA COUNTRY.

'OPIHI 107.7

Love the island and ocean vibe? Celebrate the island lifestyle with music cultivated from Hawai’i and across the ocean. From new releases and new Hawai’i artists to groups that pioneered what would become SoCal staples.


Music Submissions:
Community Events:
High School Students:

Broadcast island-wide with the ONLY wholely locally-owned radio group.